Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Sanctified Tongue

Oh dear one,
Your testimony tells me,
You were saved,
Oh so many years ago.

But you cause me to wonder,
Has that salvation,
Worked it way,
To your tongue?

Gossip and slander,
So easily uttered,
About a fellow believer,
One considered a brother or sister in Christ.

Then tell me, please do,
What difference is there,
Between us and the unbeliever?
Dear Lord, what must they think?

Most certainly,
We are not perfect,
And will never be,
This side of eternity,

Yet, are we not washed,
In the same blood of the Lamb?
Did the nails not pierce His hands,
For your sin and mine?

We have been saved,
To the uttermost,
Through and through,
Dear Lord, now please sanctify our lips.

May our salvation,
Work its way,
From our heart to our tongue,
And now bring for praise for Christ Jesus our Lord.

by Susan Bunts
February 3, 2008

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