Thursday, April 30, 2015

Something Is Rotten in Baltimore

Politically, I am a conservative and generally I side with the police and law enforcement 99% of the time.  But I’ve got to tell you…the situation in Baltimore is very disconcerting. 

How can a person who has been arrested suffer a severed spinal cord and die while in police custody and the police department not offer and explanation and evidence?  Especially on the heels of South Carolina…that is unacceptable and frankly suspect.  It gives the appearance that there is something to hide.

Freedom of speech…absolutely!

Freedom to riot and threaten police and citizens and destroy property…absolutely not!

The mayor ordering the police to stand down during a riot?  Unconscionable! 

Protecting rioters and not law abiding citizens and businesses?  Seriously?

What am I Sowing Today?

What am I sowing into the lives of people? 

Am I sowing words of life, truth, and love? 

Am I merciful, kind and compassionate? 

Does my love put God first and others before me? 

Is love evident in my actions and words? 

Does what I think I’m doing line up with what others perceive? 

What fruit is my life bearing?

Do my outward actions reflect a heart that is right before God?

Am I more concerned about what people think of me or what God thinks?

Am I trying to bear fruit through my own efforts?

Am I honoring and glorifying God with how I live my life?

If not, why not?

If not now, when?

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Piano Works…Starting All Over Again

Mike Carroll - Piano Tuner
I’ve had my piano for as far back as I can remember.  It was given to me by my Grandmother.  It had belonged to my Aunt Joyce who was a really good piano player. 

When I was a child I had taken lessons and had a rudimentary knowledge of the piano.  After the lessons stopped…so too I stopped playing the piano.  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve had the wisdom of hindsight and wished that I had kept up with learning and playing the piano.  My husband Chris has some piano background too.  For a few years now he’s wanted to get the piano tuned which we finally did. 

I can’t tell you when our piano has been tuned, if ever.   It was in much need of some tuning and TLC.  I found a gentleman in our area, Mike Carroll, and made an appointment.  It was fascinating watching him take the piano apart and clean it and then tune it.  Amazingly enough…it was very reasonable priced.  Now that I’ve done it…we’ll get that done every year. 

Since I’m starting at square one all over again…I bought a beginning piano book.  It starts with the basics which I need refreshing on.  So far so good…but I knew my biggest challenge would be able to read the music from the book.  Especially as I progress through the book and the tools, like listing what each note is, is slowly removed. 

In looking on the internet I found out that they have such a thing as music flash cards…to help you learn what each note is by sight.  I found a great website with online flashcards.  After spending a little time, I’m already better able to identify the notes.  I know that it will take time and practice...but I think it will be worth it.   

I'm looking forward to the day I can play hymns and other songs that I like.   Just listening to Chris practice for a little while was so soothing and relaxing. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hummers in Roanoke! Yeah!!!

One of the hardest things to leave behind from our home in southern California was all of the wonderful birds.  The regulars included Towhees, Wrens, Warblers, Phoebes, and many kinds of Sparrows and Doves.  During the migration time we had Orioles and Black-headed Grosbeaks.  One of our favorites was the resident Hummingbirds that made our yard their home. 

Our kitties loved spending time looking out the window at all the activity in the yard.  It was like big screen TV for cats!

Hummingbirds in this part of Texas are not here year round…only during the migration period.  I’ve been monitoring the maps to see when we should start seeing the Hummers come through…and mid-April was when the first sightings were being reported.

On Saturday I put out our Hummingbird feeder and it wasn’t even a day before we saw some activity.  Yeah!!! 

Here we get Black-chinned Hummingbirds.  From the pictures I got today I think we have a male and female coming to our feeder.  They are beautiful creatures and a marvelous picture of God’s creation.   

Below are a few pictures I was able to snap.  These birds seem very skittish and don’t linger long at the feeder.  I sure do enjoy them when I see them…I hope you do too.

Male Black-chinned Hummingbird

 Female Black-chinned Hummingbird

As a side note, my favorite Hummingbird Feeder we have is one that sticks on the window.  We got ours at Wild Birds Unlimited.  Already, it’s been through some crazy storms in the few days that included torrential rain, hail, lightning and thunder.  It stayed in place.

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