Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Some Thoughts…At the End of the Day

I am so grateful to have friends in my life who are more committed to my holiness than my happiness.  People who are not afraid to speak the truth from the word of God into my life.  They have an unbending standard and they can speak with confidence when their counsel is based on the solid rock of God’s word. 

I’m grateful for friends who know the King of kings and Lord of lords and are able come to the throne of grace in prayer.  Rather than someone telling me, “I’ll be thinking about you”, or “Best of luck to you”, I know that they will go to God in prayer and that He hears our prayers.


Ken said...

I too like hearing "I will pray for you" not "best of look." It is so good to have Godly friends who will speak the Word of Truth into our lives.

susanwalkergirl said...

Thank you Ken. I agree with you, we are most blessed by God when we have Christian friends committed to God and the truth in His word.

Blessings in Christ! Susan

Nick said...

Let God will bless you!!!!!

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