Wednesday, October 24, 2012

There Are Days

There are days…
I wish I could return
To the days of old
People and things I once loved

There are days…
Yet I know that can never be
Besides that, I couldn’t take with me
Knowledge, wisdom and experience I’ve gained

There are days…
But I wouldn’t want to trade
How the Lord has grown and changed me
Compared to who I used to be

Lord, Today is the day
I want to focus on You
Not on my problems or trials and tribulations
Help me to find joy in You today

By Susan Wachtel
October 24, 2012


Ken said...

Hi Susan,
Wonderful poem and wise words indeed. We keep pressing forward and looking up to the upward calling in Christ Jesus.

Wanda said...

I too have been trying to focus making the most of the day.

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