Friday, November 06, 2015

The Broad Road Church

My spirit is sobered
When I read Your Word
Only to find the prophesies
That some will abandon the faith

Even now I see signs of heresy
Blasphemy uttered from lips
Of those who call themselves Christian

It’s visible in the pulpit
Pastors and teachers
Even worship leaders are not immune
Leading astray the unwise sheep who sit in the pew

Seminaries once strong
No longer bastions of truth
Heretical teaching is commonplace
Unbelieving professors are wolves in sheep’s clothing

The full counsel of God’s Word is not taught
It’s been replaced with feel good “sermons”
God’s clear condemnation of sin is ignored
Immorality and unrepentant sinners embraced

Men are given the title of pastor
The truth be told
Some are nothing more than motivation speakers
Catering to the audience and tickling their ears

Pastors, there’s no need to study hard
Or accurately divide the Word of truth
Instead, find a readymade sermon online
Buy it today, preach it tomorrow

Even pastors who once seem solid
Elevate themselves; not God
Read their own books from the pulpit
Set aside the inerrant Word of God

There’s another book to hock
CD albums are ready to sell
Is the Word of God free and unfettered
No, but it’s available for a small fee

Preachers who should know better
Align themselves with false teachers
Come alongside those whose motivation is tainted
Fueled by pride, applause and the love of money

Sin is seldom mentioned
Truth, no longer spoken
For fear of causing offense
Or driving away those with deep pockets

Salvation found through Christ alone
Is so very narrow minded
The narrow road that leads to life is not mentioned
By those on the broad road leading to destruction

Father, You have forewarned us
Of the deception that will take place
The falling away of those who were with us, but not of us
Evidenced in fact that they did not remain

Father, may we abide and remain in Christ
Keep us in Your Word daily
Holy Spirit, give us wisdom and discernment
Raise up men who will unashamedly preach the Word

by Susan Wachtel
November 6, 2015


Denise said...

your writing is awesome.

susanwalkergirl said...

Hi Denise,

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. You are truly a Barnabas and have the gift of encouragement.

What sobering times we live in. I'm so grateful for the Pastors and teachers who remain faith and preach the Word of God. All the more reason why we need to know God's Word for ourselves so we can be discerning.

Lord bless...may you have a restful and peaceful weekend!

In Christ...Susan

Wanda said...

So much truth here Susan. It's sad when we see the state of things but we must make our aim to cling tightly to the vine. Blessings to you.

susanwalkergirl said...

Hi Wanda,

So good to hear from you. Hope you are doing well. We do live in sobering times. May we be faithful to study God's Word and know it for ourselves so we can be wise and discerning. May we be faithful to pray for our pastors and teachers.

Lord's blessings to you in Christ...Susan

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