Saturday, March 03, 2012

Grace Filled Bloggers

They are grace filled bloggers
Blessing their readers
Sharing what they’ve learned in this journey called life

They share from their heart
What the Lord is teaching them today
Dare to reveal their hopes and dreams about tomorrow

They openly share about trials and temptations
Failures and what they’ve learned
Praising God for their victories in Christ

They share with photographs
Too beautiful for words
Of God’s abundant blessings in their lives

They give a picture into their lives
Telling of family and friends
Even their heartfelt passionate prayers

They encourage readers to stand firm in their faith
Never waver or doubt
But only believe

Some old friends, some new
Some whom I know personally
Some I will one day meet in heaven

They bless me as I read what they share
In their journey of life
Lord, for this I give You thanks

By Susan Wachtel
March 3, 2012

Thank you to the many bloggers who have blessed, challenged and encouraged me.  Truly there have been day’s the Lord has used your word and pictures to bring me much needed encouragement.  Abundant blessings to you in Christ!


Wanda said...

Such a lovely poem and tribute to fellow bloggers Susan.

susanwalkergirl said...

Dear Wanda, you are one of the grace filled bloggers through whom the Lord blesses me. Thank you for all your sharing.


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