Saturday, December 29, 2012

Dare I Confess

Dare I confess, I feel a wee bit low these days
My focus is off, not where it should be
On circumstances around me and not on my heavenly Father

Dare I confess, I long to be in heaven
Not in this world riddled with sin
Where evil seems to triumph

Dare I confess, I long for the Rapture
Is it coming soon or many years from now
Only the Lord knows when He will take His church home

Dare I confess, I need to remember
Each day the Lord delays
More people enter the Kingdom by confessing Christ as Lord

Dare I confess, daily walking with the Lord
Sometimes seems hard, but it is so worth it
Achieved through the power of the Holy Spirit within

Dare I confess, I need Your help Lord
To keep my heart and mind stayed on Thee
Saturate me in Your life-giving Word

by Susan Wachtel
December 29, 2012


Wanda said...

It's comforting to know that we can come before our Lord and make our confession known.

Denise said...

This is beautiful Susan; a perfect reminder that we must keep our focus on Him in all things, especially now more than ever!

Blessings and love for a New Year full of joy and His grace,

Vee said...

Susan, that was wonderful. I feel just that way myself. In fact, I've been looking for the Rapture all my life! =D

Ken said...

Hi Susan,
I love this! I am ready for the rapture too.
I pray that you have a blessed 2013.

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