Friday, July 25, 2014

Battle Lines

Today the battle is on
The fighting is fierce
My enemy is cunning and strategic

Help me to not fight alone
Or rely on my own strength, wisdom, power and might
May I have the victory in Christ alone

Before the battle begins let me prepare my mind
Thoughts taken captive in obedience to Christ
The victory will begin with praise and thanksgiving

Through this battle
May You be glorified, honored and praised
When the evening falls may I stand victorious in Christ

by Susan Wachtel
July 25, 2014


Wanda said...

Susan, the speaks right to where my family and I are at this moment. Appreciate reading your words today.

susanwalkergirl said...

Hi Wanda,

Sorry to hear that you too are facing a fierce battle, but I do pray that you will stand victorious in Christ. I pray that God will make His presence known and give you wisdom, peace and a clear leading.

Lord bless...Susan

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