Saturday, August 05, 2017

First Timothy – Becoming a Good Minister of Christ Jesus – by Gregory Brown – A Timely Word and Study for Today

Pastor Gregory Brown presented me with the opportunity to read his most recent Bible study, the Bible Teacher’s Guide in the book of First Timothy – Becoming a Good Minister of Christ Jesus.

Once again, Pastor Brown has done an excellent and thorough job of expositional teaching of the Bible.  Going verse by verse, he helps the reader/student to understand Scripture in context.  He uses Scripture to interpret Scripture.

He’s deals straight with the truth and the Bible is the standard by which he measures truth or falsehood and right and wrong.  It’s clear he desires that the church be equipped to know and teach God’s Word and live it out in their daily lives.  He asks hard questions, challenges Christians to examine themselves and be serious about their faith. 

I found the questions throughout the book to be challenging, sobering and very convicting.  He doesn’t shy away from dealing with topics that are controversial in today’s culture.  He uses Scripture, Old Testament and New Testament, to back up his assertions and interpretations. 

First Timothy – Becoming a Good Minister of Christ Jesus by Pastor Gregory Brown is an excellent book and resource for Bible study.  It would be a great help to prepare someone who is going to be leading a study, or for group or individual study.

I highly recommend Pastor Gregory Brown’s newest Bible study, First Timothy – Becoming a Good Minister of Christ Jesus. 

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