Monday, June 19, 2006

In looking at my website…I see that it’s been almost two months since I’ve posted an audio clip from Chuck Obremski’s “The Story is Told”.

In the past two months…things have been pure HE double toothpicks…I tell you. It started out with my mom Gayle falling and breaking her arm. A hospital stay and many doctor visits ensued. After that I went into all this turbulence with my job. Three job interviews over a course of three weeks…and I’m still waiting to hear if I’ll get the job I applied for. Not to mention…the sale of my old company being completed and the new company taking over. With that…lot’s of packing and cleaning and throwing away. On a sad note…way too many goodbyes to people whom I love and care about…Diane, Tom, Tonya, Steve and John…just to name a few.

Today was a hard day…one of those down days on this roller coaster I’ve been riding. So more than ever I need a dose of Chuck Obremski…and a good old corny joke. But don’t you be telling Chuck I said that. Corny or not…I just love these jokes.

Hope you enjoyed that. And if you would like to hear more from Chuck Obremski…please click on the link to
Kindred Community Church. You can listen to sermons online…or e-mail the audio ministry for CD albums. They are faithful servants…and would love to get some great sermons in your hands. Lord bless…and I hope you have a great week.

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