Saturday, July 01, 2006

My First Breath in Heaven…Random Thoughts

With all the stress going on in my life at the present time…I find my mind is unfocused and my thoughts are numerous. Here area few thoughts from the week that was…

Ah ha…I had an epiphany…I think I see something that God may be teaching me during this time of limbo. The importance or praying for those with whom I work. God is able to enter in and change the situation…and me. Especially if the situation, people or times are difficult…prayer is never more important. I can only attribute the changes or ease in a difficult situation to God’s hand at work. Now if only I can focus my thoughts…and pray more specifically.

I’m so grateful to have the prayer support of my sister Denise…and the dear prayer warriors at Kindred. When my faith is failing me…they pick up the next leg of the race.

Every time I drive down Placentia Avenue…I think of Barbara. There is the house in which she died. The memories assail me from all the years I knew her. A wonderful, loving, motherly influence during those difficult teenage years. I can’t help but think back on all we did Kathy, Julie, Barbara and me. You were not just my friend’s mom…but my friend. I miss you Barbara…and look forward to seeing you once again in heaven. Good, sweet people like you should not have to be struck with such a devastating illness and die at such a young age.

24…Jack Bauer…boy oh boy…he sure does run into adverse, trying and deadly circumstances during the course of the day. And oh the fallout to those around him.

The preciousness of people…sometime I actually get it. Instead of running off to the thing next on my schedule…it’s a good thing to take time and talk. Even when you’re just talking about stuff. Nothing earth shaking or that will change the world…but just stuff. Oh those precious moments…and you never know when you will not have that opportunity again. When that will be taken from you and you won’t see them again this side of eternity. I need to take those moments more often.

Do you know how rare it is to have people really hear you and listen to you during your day? And rarer yet to care about you. So many people are off and running and barely take the time to say hi. Or worse…they give you the courtesy time…but they are not there in the moment, or even listening. Am I listening and caring for others?

There is a difference between involvement or participation…and being an observer.

I love humor…especially self deprecating humor. It helps take the stress out of a situation…makes it easier to acknowledge when I am wrong. Helps me to keep my perspective and not take the simple things, the unimportant in the scheme of things, too seriously.

Reading the Bible daily helps make it easier to obey God’s word…and to keep it in the forefront of my mind.

Reading this book “90 Minutes in Heaven” churns my imagination. Who will be there to greet me when I arrive in heaven? I think I know some of the people who will be there. Dear Pastor Chuck, Hugo and Neil too. Will my dad be there…I don’t know? I know that up until just a few weeks before he died…he didn’t know God or receive Jesus as his Savior. But did he in those last days before he died? I suppose Grandma and me will get along in heaven…instead of rubbing each other the wrong way.

Who won’t be there? Who just doesn’t get it…or won’t listen? Who thinks that they will be entering into heaven based on their own good works? Or who believes that they are not perfect…but better than the guy next door…so of course they will enter in to heaven?

It’s good to know that my last breath on earth…will be my first breath in heaven. My last moments on earth may be filled with pain, sickness or sorrow…but in heaven…that will all change. In contrast those who die without Christ…their last moments on earth may be ones of great fun and happiness…but all that will end with their last breath on earth. Do I care…and what am I doing to help make sure they hear that message of God’s love and provision for their sin?

How can you love someone so dearly…and they won’t even give you a second look? Will there ever come a day in which they will realize what they’ve missed?

It’s going to be a hot and humid summer. Time to buy a new big fan.

This getting up earlier and having to be to work an hour earlier while not top on my list forces me to get to bed earlier. I’m walking while it’s still cool early in the morning. But in the fall and winter…it will be dark during my walk time. Perhaps I need to invest in a good, small flashlight.

More than ever I understand why I love loss prevention…and can hardly wait until I get back to where I belong.

Pete…thanks for the Patriot’s picture. It’s filled with so many memories. Memories of the weeks and months proceeding and following that game. September 11th, the RIF and parting of too many people that had built our business…and of course Terry leaving our company. The picture reminds me of my “Boston Boys”…and how your enthusiasm turned me in to a Patriot’s fan. One day…I really must attend a game. But it must…absolutely must be a “snow game” at Gillette Stadium.

Speaking of Boston…one day I would love to attend a concert for the Boston Pop’s Orchestra. How about a nice trip in the fall to New England to see the trees turn color? Ahhh….now that is a trip I would like.

When I’m going through difficult times…I look more longingly toward heaven…and leaving behind the cares and concerns of this world.

The current job I’m in…I feel like a puzzle piece being shoved into the wrong area of the puzzle. Wrong size, wrong area, wrong way…and it hurts. I can hardly wait until God moves me to the correct area of the puzzle.

I can hardly wait until September 11th…when Bible Study Fellowship starts up again. I do miss it so. In the fall we study Romans.

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