Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Real Live Leprechaun

By golly…I found me a real live leprechaun. Now who would have thought that you’d find him hiding in plain sight? But as I was leaving church on Sunday…I stumbled upon him.

Try as he might to disguise himself as an ordinary man…by singing in the choir and mixing and mingling with everyday folks…I could just tell.

Now I’ll grant you that he’s a wee bit bigger than what I would have figured a leprechaun to be. But hey…I thought the whole leprechaun thing was a myth. So…how’s a girl to know?

Now I’ve got to say…if all

leprechauns can sing like the one I captured on camera…we’d have some great music.

When I confronted him on his leprechaun status…he tried to pass it off as coincidence. But you can’t fool me. I know a leprechaun when I see him. He calls himself Chance...but trust me this was no happenstance.

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