Sunday, May 06, 2012

Sin Debt

She dreamed she was standing in the long and winding line
Up ahead the Judgment Seat of Christ

She held a bill in her hand
On it the summary of her sin debt

She knew there was no way she could pay
The enormous debt she had incurred

She had spent a life time going her own way
Ignoring the stops signs God had placed in her path

All her life she tried to blot out the truth and reality of God
The One to Whom she must give an account

She believed she was better than some, not as bad as others
Now she could not escape the truth

Her heart was deceitfully wicked above all things
In her lies no good thing

She began to weep and cry out to God
“Lord, forgive me for I have sinned”

As she wiped the tears from her eyes
She felt a hand on her shoulder

She looked over
Saw a nail pierced hand

She looked up, staring into the eyes of compassion
Filled with mercy and grace

“Give Me your sin debt
For I have paid the price”

“You have been forgiven
Your sin has been removed”

“Dear one, go and sin no more
For I have set you free”

She awoke from her sleep
Darkness surrounded her

Her heart was pounding
She whispered, “Was it a dream?”

Then she cried out
“Lord Jesus I believe”

By Susan Wachtel
May 6, 2012

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