Thursday, August 07, 2014

Murder at the Mikado – A Pleasant Suprise

Murder at the Mikado is the first book that I’ve read by author Julianna Deering and I got off to a bumpy start with this book. 

As I was reading chapter one, I found the characters to be rather one-dimensional, boring, self-focused, vapid and empty.  I hadn’t connected with any of the characters at that point and didn’t particularly like or care about any of them.  When I put the book down for the night and was worried that it might be 300 plus pages of that.

But to my pleasant surprise things changed for me starting about page 20.  I found some people that were kind and decent, characters I might connect with, like Drew, Madeline, Nick and Aunt Ruth.  As the book continued I was able to get into the story and learn about the characters and their backgrounds and what motivated them as they were all interwoven in to a murder mystery that begged to be solved before the wedding day of Drew and Madeline.

I found the book to be a little confusing, especially at the beginning.  There are so many characters and it would have been helpful to have a page at the beginning of the book telling who the characters are and little bit about them.  The book seemed a little long.  I was surprised that after we learned who the culprits were, the book continued on for about 25 plus pages as it wrapped up some loose ends with two of the main characters. 

But all in all, I found this to be an interesting book and period piece.  Author Julianna Deering is good at describing the people and scenes so I could almost imagine seeing the scenes take place like a movie in my mind. 

I would recommend Murder at the Mikado.  Now that I am familiar with Julianna Deering writing style I would like to read more of her books. 

One last note, or a question really, what make a book “Christian fiction”?  Is it the fact that the writer is Christian or that the Gospel and faith are shared?  

I would like to thank Bethany House for giving me a free copy of Murder at the Mikado to read in exchange for an honest review.  I was under no obligation to provide a favorable review.


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