Sunday, January 22, 2006

And the Story is Told...

Things Aren't Always as They First Appear!

Please click on the audio link below…for your weekly dose of humor from Pastor Chuck Obremski.

It has been my privilege to continue to pass out CD’s from my dear beloved Pastor…despite his change of address to a more heavenly home. God continues to use these CD’s to reach out and help people. Whether the CD’s are going to someone who has not yet accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior…or to encourage a fellow Christians...God’s Word bring salvation…and acts as a healing balm to those in need.

Consistently…people comment on Chuck’s humor and his weekly jokes. Usually used to illustrate a point in his sermon…they allow you to loosen up and relax and help draw you in to hear God’s word. Some times Chuck’s sermons were a word of encouragement to help strengthen you…and some times a kick in the butt to get you back on track when you’ve wandered off course.

If you’ve not yet heard Chuck’s CD’s…I would encourage you to please get some. If you know me personally and I’ve not yet given you any of the CD’s…please be sure let me know. Due to the faithful servants of Kindred’s Audio Ministry…I normally keep some with me at all times and would love to share with you. If don’t know me…or you’d prefer…please click on the link to
Kindred Community Church. Go to the audio ministry where you can download sermons online. Or if you would like some of the CD albums please e-mail or write Kindred’s audio ministry.

Each week when I leave church…I put on one of Chuck’s CD’s. As good and powerful and as incredible as it was to hear these sermons when Chuck was teaching them live…I can honestly say that they are equally or more powerful now. Why? Because…we at Kindred got to see a man live out his faith. He did not stumble…and his faith did not fail him. When in the wine press…his lips continued to pour forth praise for his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He was able to do that because he was rooted and grounded in the Word of God. It was part of his daily life…he believed it and trusted in God and in His Word…to the end of his earthly life. Chuck’s eyes were on Jesus Christ…not his circumstance.

If you are struggling in your own life, if you have doubts and find yourself stumbling at life’s daily challenges…I urge you to please make sure that your relationship with Jesus Christ is strong, firm and secure. I recommend that you start with Desperation to Dependence, move on to the Heaven Series…and then listen to Thinking Like a Genuine Servant. There is much more great teaching to feed your soul and spirit…but start there.

May the Lord bless you this coming week…may your faith not fail you…but instead remain strong. God bless!

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