Sunday, January 22, 2006

Feminism…a Misnomer…or “Let’s Pretend”

A while back I had received, via e-mail, a “beef cake calendar”. When I got it…I was offended. This is my normal reaction when women forward on to me male cheesecake type pictures…sometimes pictures boarding on soft porn.

Until I received this e-mail…I never fully understood or thought through why I get offended by these e-mails. Yes of course there is the fact that I am a Christian…and undoubtedly that comes into play. I believe that we as Christians should try to keep our minds pure. That means not allowing images or words to come into my mind that will allow me to dwell on that which God considers sinful.

But I believe the offence is at deeper and at a more primal level. As I started thinking about it…I realized that it comes back to that lying, deceptive, destructive feminist influence again. Not too long ago
I wrote a piece on feminism and about what a failure it has been and the harmful effects that are widespread to men, women and children. It was actually very therapeutic to speak the truth.

Well…it’s time to speak the truth again.

Like a lot of women every once and a while I’m forwarded an e-mail picture of some guy who is scantily clad. I’m suppose to ogle at this picture and fawn over what a hunky guy this is…as if this is evidence of my sexually liberated feminine nature.

The women that forward on these e-mails on are acting like they are liberated woman. That they can do anything a man can do…including look at pictures of “sexy” men. Just like guys will look at pictures of naked women…and share them with their buddies.

Ladies…usually the guys in these pictures aren’t exactly real masculine looking. They are nothing more than glorified pretty boys. Boys being the operative word…not men. They are not manly.

Guys that look like they stepped out of the latest issue of “Playgirl Magazine” aren’t exactly your poster child for testosterone. Let’s get real. Who do you think actually buys “Playgirl”? It’s not usually women. It gay guys!

God designed women much different than men. Men are visually stimulated…stimulated by beautiful women…scantily clad women…well developed women…women showing some flesh. Real women, women passing by, women entering the room, women at the gym, women on TV or in movies, pictures of women and on and on and on.

One way to know that visual stimulation is specific to men and not women…is that with gay guys, it’s not pictures or images of women that sexually stimulate them…but instead it’s other guys. But the means by which they are stimulated…is the same…it’s visual.

Women on the other hand are not hard wired that way. They are not usually sexually stimulated by pictures of handsome men that they don’t know.

Men are sexually stimulated by pictures of beautiful women…women they know or women they don’t know….it doesn’t really matter.

Does that mean that women don’t find handsome men attractive? Of course they do…but the visual impact of a good looking man effects women entirely different.

Who do you think is the primary consumer of porn? Its men…not women, but men.

In your attempts to be liberated and equal to men…you are merely throwing feminine nature under the bus. Instead you try and put on a man’s nature. What’s really weird about this…is that feminists hate men. But in doing this you are trying to be like them.

It’s kind of ironic… feminists try to display their liberation by ogling over pictures of naked guys. But if a guy is ogling over a picture of some scantily clad woman…that same feminist is running to human resources and crying foul. She’s making a complaint about a hostile work environment or sexual harassment. Rather hypocritical now, isn’t it?

Feminists…tell me do you think that women who have been raped, or sexually assaulted or are incest victims find these male cheesecake pictures a turn on? I’d say they have a different reaction.

Whatever happened to the desire to be a lady or lady like?

I’m more likely to get a raunchy, suggestive e-mail from a woman these days than a guy. When did decency become archaic?

I don’t know why you even call yourself feminists. The last thing you are is feminine. You hate men…but you try to embrace male nature as your own. You are not feminine, you are not masculine; you are just mixed up!

When I see a handsome guy some on TV or walking by me in real life…I do a double take. I’m thinking what a nice smile and pretty eyes he has. I’m thinking wouldn’t it be nice to have dinner with him…and talk.

What’s attractive to me? A man who has a heart towards God. One who loves the Lord with all his heart, mind, soul and strength. A man who treats me nice…who is considerate, respectful and caring. A man who will open that door for me or help carry a heavy package. Someone who has a sense of humor that makes me laugh…someone who listens to me. That is what’s attractive to me…that’s what turns me on. I am entirely comfortable with my feminine nature and I don’t need to go around and pretend I have some raunchy sexual nature, that’s just like a guy’s nature.

So when I get offended at receiving one of these “hunky guy” pictures…it’s not me that is confused with my feminine nature. I know who I am…and I’m comfortable with being a woman. I don’t need to try and be like a guy to be liberated and equal.

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