Monday, January 23, 2006

If I could have just one…

Thomas Kinkade is one of my favorite artists. There is just something quite beautiful, peaceful, homey and romantic about his work. When I look at his paintings….I can feel my stress level decrease as I gaze at his work.

I feel as if I could step into right into his pictures and be taken back in time…to a different world. It’s almost like reading a novel. When you can look at his paintings you can see something new or in a different way each and every time you look.

Now if I could own just one Thomas Kinkade painting…it would be a picture of a church and the surrounding neighborhood in a painting entitled Home Town Evening.

On his website…Thomas recalls paining this work. “I remember wandering the lanes of my hometown on a Sunday evening, drawn as if by magnetic attraction toward the heart of the village. Hometown Evening, third in my Hometown Memories collection is enriched by intense childhood memories, although I've chosen to turn the clock back a few decades... I did that to heighten the nostalgia, and to give myself the chance to paint some of my favorite vintage cars.”

Ah….someday…one day I hope this painting will grace the walls of my home.

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