Monday, August 28, 2006

The Words I Long to Hear

Soon I may be facing a decision…this time one of my own choosing.

In some respects…I’m in the enviable position of not caring about what happens one way or the other. I have two job interviews coming up with good companies in the line of work that I like best. So there is a part of me that would jump at the chance of taking one of these jobs if offered a position.

Yet…I have reservations. Each job has its good points and downsides too. What I would be giving up if I left my current company is substantial…but if presented with the right offer…I might take that risk.

Things are improving overall as my current job transition progresses…but I still desire something else. I like taking on a challenge…and learning new aspects of the business. So I guess I’m a bit conflicted and uncertain as to what I should do.

At this point…I don’t know what’s going to happen. I don’t have a clue as to what choice I will make.

Even as I face the prospect of making a choice…I find that there are words I long to hear that would sway my decision.

Like every woman…I long to hear those words from my future husband, “I love you.” But right now…those aren’t the words I long to hear.

There are two words…just two…that I want to hear. Now I know…that’s not going to happen. But hey…I’m a girl and I can hope and dream now can’t I?

After the hoping and dreaming stops…at the end of the day…I’m going to have to make a decision. It is my prayer that God will make the path He desires for me to take crystal clear. That He will give me wisdom and discernment to make the decision He would have me to make.

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