Friday, June 19, 2009

Easy Faith

An easy faith
That requires nothing of me

I come to God as I see fit
On my own terms

Church attendance is not required
No time in my busy schedule

Prayers are uttered
But only in times of crisis

No need to study God’s word
No desire to know truth revealed in Scripture

My faith is more about how I feel
An experience that makes me feel good

No need to share the gospel
Don’t all paths lead to God

My thoughts are not taken captive
There’s not much difference between me and the world

My son whom I love so much
Surely he is good enough

No need to train him up
In the way he shall go

No time to take him to church
When our days are filled with baseball, basketball, football and tennis

God’s warning may go unheeded
By ears who do not hear

Rather than being welcomed home
“Come, enter into the joy of your Master”

There will be a loud and resounding proclamation

“Away from Me, I never knew you”

Susan Bunts Wachtel
June 17, 2009

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