Saturday, June 20, 2009

In Christ

In my despair
You are my hope

In my darkness
You are the light unto my path

When I’m mourning
You comfort me

In my sorrow
You give me joy

When I’m lonely
You are with me

When I’m betrayed and all turn against me
You are my defender

When all is lost
I find riches in Christ Jesus

When I sin
You forgive me

When I’m weak
You strengthen me

When I’m tempted
You provide a way out

When I lack understanding
You give me wisdom

In a world build on shifting sands
You are my Solid Rock

When lies abound
You are truth

When the world tells me I should fit in
You consecrate me

When my soul is disquieted
You give me Peace

When I’m prideful
You humble me

When I’m hated
You love me

When words fail me
You intercede for me

When enemies surround me
You are my friend

When stuck in miry clay
You freed me

When I deserve judgment
You give me mercy

When defiled by the filth of my own sin
You cleansed me

In the unworthiness of my sin
You redeemed me

When I deserved condemnation
Christ was crucified

In death
You are Life

by Susan Bunts Wachtel
June 19, 2009

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