Monday, December 14, 2009

Starting Over

Like most writers, I find it encouraging to read comments and feedback.  That’s why I originally installed Haloscan on Susan’s Blog. 

Before long…it became the bane of my blogging existence!  For quite a while now, Haloscan has been acting up.  It’s up and down.  But now…it’s finally out of here!!!

For months now…I’ve played around and tried to figure out how to remove Haloscan as the comment tracker for my blog.  I did many searches to see if there were any clear and easy to follow instructions to remove the code.  While I found many references on a Google search for Haloscan…instructions to remove it were not in abundance.  What was plentiful was the negative feedback from many users. I got an email from the folks at Haloscan informing me that if I wanted to keep their service I would have to pay even more than before.  Basic was not too much per year…but the premium service was too pricey…especially considering that the system was down, more often than up.

It seems to me that if company wants to keep your business they should provide excellent service so that you will want to stay.  Instead, because of their ongoing technical difficulties…Haloscan was driving people away.

Bottom line…all the old comments are gone.  Easy come, easy go.  Oh well…but I downloaded them in case I want to read them again.  So if you’ve left comments in the past…much obliged.  If you leave them in the future...the Blogger system should work swimmingly.

Hasta la vista Haloscan!


Susan Deborah said...

Susan, I am glad you chose to share this with us. I was also thinking of Haloscan and now after your post, I will not think any further.

You be blessed.

Good old blogger's commenting is there.

Joy always,

susanwalkergirl said...

Dear Susan,

You are much better off using Blogger's comment application.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!


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