Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pride…a sin which so easily entangles us

Recently I got to thinking about pride.  It seems to be a common area of vulnerability for all of us, great and small, both famous or those who are unknown. 
The Bible is replete with warnings about pride and its consequences. 
It’s so easy to see the sin of pride in others…and blind to the pride within me.
How easy it is to believe my own press clippings.
How tempting it is to incline my ear to hear the praises of men.
How easy it is to take credit for accomplishments, skills, talents or abilities. 
When I fail to recognize God’s hand and remember that everything I have is a gift from Him…I am on the road to a prideful, haughty spirit.
When I surround myself with those who agree with my self assessment about how good I am…I am playing into the hands of the enemy.
When I fail to give God thanks and praise…I am robbing Him of His glory. 
When I have a prideful spirit, I am replacing God in my life with a god of my own making…namely myself.
Pride wins when I care more about myself than others.
When I’m filled with pride, I’m more concerned about how I look than about obeying God.
When pride is the motivating factor in my life…I am never more like the devil. 
When I fill my heart and mind with the word of God...I have a proper perspective on who I am.
When I seek to know God more and love Him with all my heart, mind, soul and strength…pride is driven away.
When I’d rather boast about Jesus Christ and Him crucified and seek to glorify Him…then I am yielded to God.

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