Saturday, November 23, 2013

Evangelize to Me by Ceil

It was a Five Minute Friday post that led me to blogger Ceil’s website Evangelize to Me.  After reading her post, I signed up to follow her blog.  On those busy days when I feel spent and need some encouragement or correction, it’s good to drop by Ceil’s blog and read about what she’s learning from the Lord. 

Earlier this week, I dropped by and read her post, “A Parable and a Pruning”.  In this post she shares about how she pruned a bush that was overgrown but had bare branches on the inside and she applied that to how the Lord sometime prunes us when our inner life is barren. 

I would encourage you to drop by Evangelize to Me and be encouraged and challenged in your faith by this precious sister in Christ.

Thank you to Wanda at the Well Watered Soul for an opportunity to join with you and others in highlighting posts by fellow bloggers. 


Ceil said...

Hi Susan! Thank you so much for the supportive words. I am overwhelmed actually.
I remember when I met you, and it was through Wanda's Friday Five. Sounds like we are fast blog-friends! I love that.
God bless you for the encouragement you are to me. And I hope that I am for you too.

Hope you had a blessed Sunday,

susanwalkergirl said...

Dear Ceil,

You are a blessing to me and I'm sure to your other readers.

Thank you for your transparency and openness. The Lord speaks to me through your writing.

Blessings in Christ...Susan

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