Friday, December 09, 2005

You Can Never Escape Justice

Below is my transcript from an anonymous caller to the Dennis Prager show on Wednesday, 11/30/05. Dennis was discussing the impending Tookie Williams execution. This caller was very compelling. Dennis’s comments were few…because the caller was so eloquent.

DP: Anonymous in Los Angeles, “Hello”.

AC: “Hi Dennis, I want to present to you a story that can be verified through articles in the Los Angeles Times. And it’s similar to your analogy of how the Jordanians didn’t recognize the evil that they had fostered until it struck back at them.”

DP: “Unhh”

AC: “Well, Tookie Williams while in 1988, on death row, a Crip member from an LA gang member, and I won’t say who, since I was a member of this gang, was convicted of killing Kermit Alexander’s family, the ex-football player in 1984. And he killed four members of this family, and shot them in the head. Two kids, his sister and the grandmother. And when he arrived on death row, Tookie ordered him to stab and kill his co-defendant for telling on him during the trail. So all the while in jail after convicted for these murders, Tookie Williams’ murders, he was coordinating hit squads on death row. And when he told the guy to do it, the guy in turn stabbed him. In retaliation for trying to impose his will on him.

And this is when Tookie went to solitary confinement for six years. And this is what he accredits with his now realization that he shouldn’t have created the Crips. And I don’t believe unless that incident would have happened, you know because unless that incident would have happened, he would have ever changed his heart. Because he had planned to escape from jail. And they have a detailed plan in his handwriting, it’s been verified.”

DP: “You were a member of the Crips?

AC: “Excuse me?"

DP: “You were a member of the Crips?

AC: “Yes sir.”

DP: “Why did you change?”

AC: “Well Dennis, I was shot twice. And uh, you know I was also arrested for murder and was released. Found not to be guilty of that. But you know I just realized that, it was an epiphany, it something that came to me. I said it was divine. It wasn’t spectacular lights. But I felt that God was telling me that he had something in store for me. And I’ve been 15 years removed from that, I’m married and have I have a family. I work everyday, I pay taxes. And you know, I’m just amazed at how naive these people are, the Mike Farrell's and these people who want to commute this guy’s sentence. And they don’t take into account that there’s, your previous caller was wrong, since, in 20 years there has been 11,000 deaths accredited to gang violence in Los Angeles. I think people need to understand the impact of what this guy has created. And that to put him to death will illustrate that, you know, you can never escape justice.”

DP: “Thank you very much for the call. I appreciate it, I have nothing to add. I think it spoke for itself.”

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