Saturday, June 23, 2012

Five Minute Friday - The Risk of Procrastination

At the prompting of my sister Denise, I decided to actually post for Five Minute Friday on Friday.  She even gave me the topic to write about for the word Risk.  Thanks Denise for holding my feet to the fire!

Whether it’s at work or at home, procrastination always has its risks and consequences.  One of the biggest consequences is stress.  When I delay completing work or following through on a commitment, my stress level increases.  Definitely not good! 

When my stress level is high, my thinking is not as focused as it should be and it’s harder to complete my work. 

If I procrastinate and delay completing work on one project, it impacts other work that I’m supposed to complete after that.  It’s like a downward spiral and hard to get out of.

Another risk is that my integrity will wane.  If I don’t keep my word and do what I said I would do and be respectful of how my work impacts others, I will lack integrity.

Show how should I handle procrastination in my life?

I need to go to the Lord each day and seek His direction and help. 

If I find myself procrastinating regularly, perhaps I need to look at my schedule.  I need to choose wisely what I commit myself to.  When I say yes to one thing, even if by default, I’m saying no to something else which may be more important. 

This post is linked with The Gypsy Mama’s FiveMinute Friday challenge.  I encourage you to go on over and read some of the wonderful posts from others who join in.  You will be encouraged. 


Bridgette said...

Nice reading your thoughts on Risk. I agree on procrastination causing stress. I've learned that just taking a few minutes out of a busy day where I constantly put stuff off to have a few minutes of me time helps me regain my balance and accomplish all that I've been putting off. I hope you have found another way to manage your stress :)

Thoughts for the day said...

Isn't it wonderful that your sister challenges you to take a risk when perhaps she already KNEW you would do a good job?

Wanda said...

Sisters know how to give us that push when we need it. I find myself procrastinating a lot these days.

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