Thursday, June 07, 2012

Taming the Tongue

While taking my morning walk I usually listen to various podcasts.  Yesterday and today, I've been listening to recent programs from Grace to You called"Taming the Tongue".  During the program, Pastor John MacArthur read a list of descriptions from the Bible about the tongue:

"Scriptures refer to the disaster of the mouth.  The Bible refers directly or indirectly to:

a wicked tongue,
a deceitful tongue,
a lying tongue,
a perverse tongue,
a filthy tongue,
a corrupt tongue,
a bitter tongue,
an angry tongue,
a crafty tongue,
a flattering tongue,
a slanderous tongue,
a gossiping tongue,
a back-biting tongue,
a blaspheming tongue,
a foolish tongue,
a boasting tongue,
a murmuring tongue,
a complaining tongue,
a cursing tongue,
a contentious tongue,
a sensual tongue,
a vile tongue,
a tale-bearing tongue,
a whispering tongue,
an exaggerating tongue, etc.

Did you see yourself anywhere in there?  No wonder God put your tongue in a cage behind your teeth, walled in by your mouth."

I'd like to say, none of those descriptions fit me, but if I said that I would have a lying tongue.  

Thank You Lord for Your Word which encourages, corrects and convicts. me to have a repentant heart in areas that I have sinned against You.  May even the thoughts and intentions of my heart be good and pleasing to You. 


Denise said...

It is difficult to tame a tongue and deliver words fitly spoken and seasoned with grace at times! But the more we meditate on His Word, the easier it becomes! :)

Blessings and hugs Susan!

Wanda said...

Oh I'm with you Susan, unfortunately I see myself in a few of those descriptive. Grateful that He has not left us without resources to help us in taming the tongue--the Holy Spirit.

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