Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Hawk

As I walked out the door
I heard a the flutter of many wings
Birds flying this way and that, trying to escape

It seemed as though all were gone
Yet I still heard frantic flapping in the tree
Suddenly he appeared

A hawk swept down from the branches
His prey held firmly in his grasp
A helpless dove, wings beating their last flap

I was sickened by the sight
Suddenly the hawk took flight with the lifeless bird
The only evidence, feathers along the path

Susan Wachtel
June 24, 2012


Denise said...

How sad to witness a helpless and beautiful creature being carried away; your writing made this very real to life for the reader!

Have a week full of joyful blessings Susan!

susanwalkergirl said...


It was horrifying. If I thought that I could have saved that poor dove, I would have acted like a crazy woman and chased the hawk away.

We love feeding our backyard birds. They are a joy to see every day.

Hope that you have a blessed week in the Lord.

In Christ...Susan

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