Sunday, May 29, 2005

Carl's Jr. - What are you thinking?

Alright...I admit it...I was wrong in poising that question. Obviously you folks aren't doing a lot of thinking these day. Not when you are using Paris Hilton in a pornographic commercial to promote your product.

Carl's Jr. who would say is your main target customer base? Do you think that families are a big part of your business? If they are a significant portion of your business why in the world are you airing a commercial that is offensive to families?

Paris Hilton is a glorified slut. Your commercial is pornographic in nature. What you are doing is slapping every God fearing American family in the face.

Just what we need...more commercials to encourage our young boys to fantasize and view women strictly as sex objects or engage in sex outside of marriage. Just what we need to do...put more enticements into a married man's head...when when our real goal should be to encourage and support strong marriages and families.

Frankly...I like Carl's Jr's food better than McDonald's or other fast food places. But I can assure you money won't be spent at Carl's Jr.

Now on the other hand if you come out with an apology and pull the awful commercial from the airways...I will feel comfortable in spending my money at Carl's Jr. Until such money is going elsewhere.


Anonymous said...

I can't agree with you more. I think you'd appreciate what these kooky do-gooders have done with those
moronic Carl's Jr. Six Dollar Burger ads with Paris Hilton. They've
turned the tables, no pun intended, on the campaign and made it serve a good cause, National Hunger Awarenesss Day June 7th. I love it:
Let us know what you think, keep up the great work.

susanwalkergirl said...

Have Dave...appreciate your comments.

Carl's Jr. needs a wake up call. I think I'm most amazed that a business that wants to make money is making such a poor business decision.

Hopefully the folks at the National Hunger Awareness can bring some good out of this wretched commercial.

On just a human level...these are folks that have a family...a daughter, wife, sister or mother. I can't imagine they would want their loved one degraded in such a fashion...all for a few dollars.

Truly amazing times we live in, isn't it?

Thanks again!

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