Sunday, May 29, 2005

A Message to the Compromising Republican Seven

You went down the wrong road when you chose to compromise with the Democrats on their continuing misuse of the filibuster against judicial appellate court nominees.

I don't get it! Now is the time for courage and fortitude. Now is the time to "suck it up" and take whatever verbal hits come from the mainstream media and from those who disagree. Now is the time to do right thing! Now is the time that we need to shut the door on this unprecedented abuse of the filibuster by the Democrats.

We needed to be positioned correctly for what will soon be one or more openings on the Supreme Court. If the Dem's are doing this now for appellate court nominees...what do you think they'll do when it comes to the Supreme Court nominees?

We can't afford to throw overboard four strong conservative judicial nominees who will base their rulings on the Constitution of the United States of America...and not try to make law via the bench. Interpret the law...not make the law. We need every last one of them on the bench. Not sacrificed to appease the vocal sore losing Democrats.

These seven Democratic Senators have a different world view. Their interpretation of extraordinary circumstances will be quite different than a conservative Republican's view. They made be fine neighbors and friends...good and descent people. But they can not be trusted when it comes to carrying out their political agenda.

To my Seven Republican were absolutely wrong in your decision to compromise with the Democrats.

We need strong men and women representing conservatives who will demonstrate courage and fortitude. I sincerely hope that your constituents make your failure known to you by replacing you at re-election time with a person who will uphold conservative views unwaveringly. Send you off with a nice retirement package...for some fun and sun in Hawaii...but not allow you to continue represent the conservative base of our party.

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