Sunday, May 15, 2005

Living Life in the Light of Eternity 5/15/05

Notes from Chuck Obremski's sermon on 5/15/05
Series - Living Life in the Light of Eternity - Life in the Intermediate Heaven

- Death is not the end of the road...but a bend in the road.
- Our convictions aren't really ours until we've paid for them.
- God's judgment will make sense in heaven...when we have fuller perspective and see

things how God sees its.
- Trust God for a future promise to be fulfilled.
- Live life in the light of eternity...and know that He will make everything right in His time.

What would it take for you to deny your Savior?

When we die...we are relocated to heaven: existence continues, able to call out and express in a loud voice, fully conscience, rational, those in heaven are free to ask God questions. We will remember life on earth, we will be comforted by God, give an account, memories will be better, realized what is happening on earth, how will we be's a matter of perspective, will be in the presence of God, we will rejoice when a sinner repents, will know when a person genuinely trusted in a possessor or just professes of eternal life. Will continue to have relationships with persons on earth...we will pray for them, spend time talking with God.

- God communicates with people in heaven. We won't know everything...we will be asking God questions. In heaven there is time.

- Rest and have God's time table.

- We die by divine appointment...on time...on God's time table.

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