Sunday, May 15, 2005

Dennis Prager's Happiness Hour Chronic Complainers - 5/13/05

Chronic Complainers
Notes from the Dennis Prager Show
Prager Happiness Hour 5-13-05

- Life is filled with adversity for all.
- Complaining is toxic.
- Our behavior effects us first…you complain you destroy your chances for happiness first.

- It also affects others.
- Chronic complainers are the living embodiment of narcissism.
- Chronic complainers are toxic…not only make others around them unhappy…but
also themselves.
- They complain…but it doesn’t make them happy.
- Comedians complain…but they are making fun of themselves.
- The chronic complainer…doesn’t want you to laugh at them…but say woe unto you…
wants your sympathy.
- Always something to complain about.
- People think that life is great for the happy person…that they have everything.
- Instead the happy person has worked at being happy…being grateful and not complaining.
- Chronic complainers to be avoided at all costs.
- The unhappy are chronic complainers…because they complain to themselves.
- Chronic complainers…suck the life out of themselves and others.

- Chronic complainers…suck the life out of you – caller Kate in Minneapolis.
- That which you focus on (aim) you will hit - Dan in Denver.
- Chronic complainers feel a sense of entitlement…complain when life doesn’t meet
their expectations - Connie in Phoenix - From a book “The Lies We Believe”.
- Realized I was unhappy because I always complained - Angel – Northridge, Ohio.
- Didn’t want to be a victim anymore - Michelle in Minneapolis.
- Makes his kids say, “Whenever I whine and complain, I get nothing.” - Lincoln
in Orange County, CA.
- Went through a 12 step program and found having God in my life really helps -
Tom in Phoenix.
- When I became more grateful I stopped complaining as much – Sharon, West Hills, CA.
- People complain about two things…people and things – Stan, Santa Clarita, CA.

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