Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Eternal Vision

Do I offer a prayer to God for my future
Seek His will
Then hesitate to follow where He leads?

Do I unburden my heart
Share my fears, hurt and sorrow
Then refuse to accept His comfort?

Do I know the Word of God
Even have it hidden within my heart
But fail to trust God’s goodness in my circumstances?

Do I give the enemy a foothold
Listen to the lies he whispers in my ears
Believe him who seeks steal, kill and destroy?

Or dare I have an eternal vision
Knowing that God’s plan may include pain
And one day He will turn it…to victory and gain?

Do I trust Him
Who takes away
Will one day restore?

Do I look back at the past
Feel the pain of the present
Am I unable to see past this moment?

Do I believe him
Who seeks to destroy my witness
Render it ineffective to an unbelieving world?

Or do I believe God
Know with confidence
God’s glory and goodness through all eternity far outweighs it all?

Will I choose to be earth bound
Focused on the past
The here and now?

Or will I have an eternal vision
Examine everything through the grid of eternity
Trust that everything is in the hands of my trustworthy God?

“Oh dear one,”
Whispers the still small voice within
“Won’t you trust Me in your pain?”

By Susan Bunts
August 30, 2008

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