Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Never Say Never

For the most part…I’ve stayed away from commenting about the election this year. It’s been hard…but I’ve not wanted to alienate people whose politics differ from my own.

It seems that conservatives are now faced with the unenviable position of voting for one of the most liberal Republicans running for office.

In recent years…time and time again…I swore I would never vote for John McCain. McCain Kennedy…McCain Feingold…The Gang of 14…Global Warming…Tax Cuts...Boarder Security…and on, and on it goes.

Well it looks like…I’m going to have to “suck it up”…and do what I have to do to defeat Hilary or Barack this year.

John McCain is wild card. He’s turned against the base of the Republican Party one too many times. But at least we have a shot at getting better judges with McCain than either of the Democratic options. Ahhhhhhhhhh!

Don't think of it as voting for McCain...think of it as voting against Hilary or Barack.

So…with Vomit Bag in hand…I’ll likely be casting my vote for John McCain come November.

I think that the McCain Vomit Bag ought to be part of the McCain campaign paraphernalia.

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