Saturday, November 19, 2005

Feminism....“F” is for Failure

How Feminism Made the World a Worse Place

For some time now…I’ve wanted to tackle this subject….it’s been ruminating around my mind for quite a while. My contempt builds as I see examples each day on how feminism has not only failed…but in fact, has made the world a worse place. Worse for women, for our children and for men.

After listening to Dennis Prager’s interview of reformed feminist Phyllis Chesler my desire to write this piece was resurrected. It’s a good thing that I waited. If I hadn’t…I’m afraid it would have merely been chock full of anger and ugly words. As it is…my passion remains…but I hope to present with clarity the some of the reasons for my contempt.

I’m forty-six years old…and grew up in the 60’s and 70’s. When I think back to my first impressions of feminists…the first thing that comes to mind is equal pay for equal work. There was the idea that a girl should be allowed to choose to study whatever she wants and pursue a career in her chosen field. Now those are admirable and good goals. Goals that most folks would support whole heartedly.

I am very successful in my career…I love my job and the work that I do. In part I can thank feminists of the past, for the opportunities I’ve had to pursue the work I love. Yet, I would give it all up tomorrow…with no regrets…for the right man.

The destructive forces that were unleashed with feminism…have overwhelmed any seeming benefit. The devastation is widespread. The very people whom feminists proclaim they want to help…have been harmed the most.

Let’s start with “free love”…which bottom line means have free sex with whomever you want, whenever you want, as much you want. Hummmm….what a thought!

Like everything in life…it’s has consequences. What are the consequences of “free love” and unlimited sex? How about sexually transmitted disease? How does 19 million new cases each year sound? Half those infections are in kids ranging from 15 to 24 years old. Let’s not forget infertility as a result of STD’s and it may also result in birth defects or even death to the babies.

And then there is the mother of all STD’s…AID’s…Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Not too many years ago…it was a certain death sentence. Now thanks to modern medicine…death from this disease has been delayed. But it still remains.

Who can talk about feminism…and not broach the subject of abortion. Those good old “reproductive rights”. (Whatever happened to reproductive responsibility?) Of course the argument that’s always meant to silence the critics is, “you big bad bullies, making a poor defenseless woman have to carry and give birth to a baby, when she was raped or the victim of incest.”

With the way this argument is bandied about…you would think that 90% of all abortions are the result of some type of sexual assault or abuse. When in fact, the vast majority are nothing more than costly, after the fact, birth control. Making an innocent human being pay the death penalty…because they are an inconvenience to their prospective mother.

How do you like the sound of over 1,000,000 abortions each year in the United States?

Just for the record feminists…half those persons being killed are female. Don’t forget…it was women you were aiming to help. I guess the only woman that counts is the one outside the womb…and as long as she is wanted by her mother. After all, that is the only thing that gives that baby worth (according to you)…and keeps it from being swept down a sink.

To prove that abortion is not about rape and incest…ask yourself what would the feminists do, if tomorrow Christians were to agree to stop their battle and allow abortions for any woman who was the victim or rape or incest…but outlaw all other abortions? Do you even remotely think that feminists and leftists would not agree to that? Not in a million years…I would safely bet everything I have on that.

STD’s and abortions don’t even begin to touch the emotional and spiritual toll or consequences of these behaviors and actions run amuck.

Now we have videos of “girls gone wild”…ripping of their tops for the camera. Let’s not forget our young girls emulating our dear former President and his intern. They are performing oral sex on boys…and not even thinking its sex. Feminists…I thought you didn’t want women to be sex objects? But what you started…has lead to this.

The harm you’ve done is not limited women…it’s deeply effected our boys and men. Who in society can you bash so freely and openly, and treat with such utter contempt as men? You have license to do and say whatever you want about men, without any repercussion.

What’s ironic…is that if men turned around say the same things about women…you would be screaming bloody murder. You hypocrites!

You bash men like there’s no tomorrow. You have no respect for them and you treat them with utter contempt. Is that how you want your sons to be treated? Do you not even love them enough to want them to be loved and cherished for the precious boys and men that they are? Women…what is the matter with you? You are sick in your soul.

It’s everywhere…it is so deeply seeped into society…that you can’t turn on a TV show or pick up a paper and not see ugly consequences of feminism and it’s far reaching effects.

In something as simple as a TV commercial the “feminist effect” comes shining through. Adelphia has commercial running now advertising their new DVR system. The ad features a woman telling us that her dumb boyfriend suggested that she record the shows she wants to watch…so she won’t miss them. In the commercial…she bashes the boyfriend…of course she’s obviously superior, to this dumb inferior schmuck. Not to be missed is unspoken reference that they are living together…not married.

You know I clearly remember a time…when it was considered wrong by society to be “living in sin”. But now days…it’s a sin no longer. It’s widely and broadly accepted…and nary a word is spoken that it’s wrong.

Now maybe it’s because I’m a Christian that I still haven’t abandoned those values. My moral compass is still intact, thanks to God’s Word and the Holy Spirit within me.

I stand amazed at the intellectual dishonesty and foolishness of feminists and leftists who fail to see the flaws and failings of their own arguments. They want a woman to be paid the same as a man for the same work. But they have to dumb down and lower the standards for women to get the job.

Fire fighters, police officers and military come to mind. Am I saying that women should not pursue these careers. No…but let’s get real. Don’t lower the standard. Do you want your husband, son or brother working alongside women…their lives at greater risk…because the standard had to be lowered, so the woman could get the job?

And then one of my favorite lines of the feminists, is the argument that men and women are the same. This one is almost laughable and defies common sense and reality. There comes a point where you have to ask if you can even reason with people who are in such denial.

Now to personalize this. Daily I come in contact with men who are confused or uncertain if they should do the simple considerate act of holding a door open for me or other women. It’s not brain surgery…but it’s a simple act that shows respect and esteem for women. Men have been given such a ration of garbage for what is really a loving and caring act. No wonder they are confused, or angry…or just plain don’t respect women any longer.

But it crushes my spirit when a guy won’t extend the courtesy of this simple act. I feel less than feminine, very unworthy…and bottom line, it hurts. At the same time…I don’t necessarily blame the guy. I hold feminists accountable on this one.

My greatest wish, hope, dream and prayer is to be married. But I’m not. I can’t help but think that in our society…my chances of getting married are greatly reduced…in part because of what the feminists have done.

Why would a guy want to get married, when he can go out and have sex with as many women as he wants, as much as he wants, any time he wants…with no commitment or responsibility? Not a lot of guys would. Or to be more accurate…not enough men do commit and get married these days.

While somewhat crude…I do feel the old adage is true…why buy the cow, when you can get the milk for free?

There are men out there…that have gone against their male nature and made a choice to be committed to one woman. To sacrifice and have children…and raise them up in godly households.

But thanks to you dear feminists…I and many millions of other women are paying price of your selfish pursuits. I hold you in contempt for the harm you have done and the price too many people…both women and men…have paid.

Feminists…you failed in the most important areas of life…and the world is worse because of it!


Anonymous said...


Great comments. Concisely written and on point. I enjoyed how you articulated the negative aspects of feminism...not too many people point them out and the second and third order effects of what appears to be a good policy, but in truth is flawed. Keep the faith! You appear to be a magnificent lady and I am sure you will meet the right guy. Drew

Anonymous said...


So true, all that you said. As an educated career woman myself, I also am thankful for the opportunities I've had but yet am saddened by the "collateral damage" caused by the feminist movement. Your points were right on!

I'm going to continue browsing your blog, but come visit mine sometime. My blog is basically a daily devotional.

In Him,

Betty said...
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martin said...

From a mans perspective Wow, you hit the nail on the head as the saying goes!

The equal ness between the sexes has indeed caused disrespect for woman from the younger generations. I see this everyday when boys do not open doors for their girlfriends any longer the list goes on.

Thanks for putting it out there, makes me fell a little better after having been called a Neanderthal because I opened a door for a lady a few months back! She was so mad I was blessed with her articulate expression of the English language for about ten minutes afterwards!

That very same day i was asked to move some office items because I was the only male in the office. Talk about confusing messages.

Thanks again, it is good to know that chivalry can still be a good thing.

bill h.

Betty said...

I can see how this would be true for YOU.

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