Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sam Resurrected

With Valentine's Day...just a stones throw away...I thought I would resurrect a poem I wrote last August. Back then and still desire to marry is very strong. I continue to remain hopeful...that God will bless me in this fashion.

While watching a movie with my mom today...I picked out a romantic movie "While You Were Sleeping". One line in the movie resonated with me. Lucy when reflecting on being alone said, "I've got my own apartment, I've got a cat, I'm the sole possessor of the remote control. But I don't have anyone to laugh with." Sam...that kind of sums it up...but I do have two kitties...Nate and Moss.

So to my Sam...whomever you are...where ever you are...I'm waiting and watching expectantly for you each day. The above Valentine is what I picked out for you. Kind of fun and whimsical. Perhaps I can give it to you in person next year?

Happy Valentines Day Sam!

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