Monday, August 01, 2005

Follow up on Faith

A couple of follow up notes on this thing called faith.

Tonight I was talking with a gentleman named Mike about faith. About not doubting God's ability to answer my prayers...but knowing that He may answer them by giving something different than what I asked for...or later on down the line.

Mike added that we know that God sees that which don't see...He can see further down the way...and know if something is good for us or not. You ever have those moments when you actually, maybe, kind of, sort of "get it". Hearing Mike's answer was one of those moments.

We can be certain that God's answer to our prayers will be one that fits His plans and purposes. And yes...I've heard what Mike said before and maybe even uttered those words myself...but it really clicked this time.

Second note...thanks to David Fisher from Pilgrim Scribblings for his kind words. David is so open and transparent...and shares so freely. I'm enriched with each trip I make to Pilgrim Scribblings. Thank you!

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David Warren Fisher said...

Susan: Thanks so much for your kind and encouraging words. We had special prayer on Sunday morning at the ballpark for Pastor Chuck. Let me know how he's doing, please. Linda sent me an update on Sunday morning before church.

In His love,


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