Monday, August 15, 2005

Who Is the Happiest Person You Know?

My favorite radio Dennis Prager's show. It is exceptional. Frequently Dennis will refer to his show as "Prager University"...and in some respects it truly is. Actually the wisdom and truth that comes on this show exceeds that which is found in most universities today.

My favorite hour of each week is the Happiness Hour. Topics vary from week to week...but they always center around some theme or topic having to do with happiness. Attitude...can things or experiences help contribute to your others can impact your happiness...choosing to be happy, etc.

Last Friday's show was particularly good. The topic was Who Is the Happiest Person You Know and Why? I didn't have to think too long and hard to figure out that answer...and found myself chomping at the bit to send Dennis an e-mail in response to his questions. Below is the e-mail I sent Dennis in response.

Dear Dennis,

My favorite hour of the week is always...The Happiness Hour. This last weeks show in particular really touched me. Who is the happiest person you know and why?

Two people immediately came to mind...both of whom I know through work.

The first one is Dan Quinn. Dan knows that happiness is a choice...not that he's lived a cushy life with no problems. But instead he chooses to be happy and everyday make a difference for good in the lives of people he encounters. He knows how much as an individual we can impact people...and he makes every effort to treat people like he'd want to be treated...and even better. He always has a good word or is doing a special deed to help someone. He has a great appreciation and is most grateful for the good people and things in his life that he has been blessed with.

Deanna Peterson is the second person who comes to mind. Deanna is so very special...and has a true joy for life. It's somewhat part of her natural disposition. She's always bright and cheery...and brightens peoples days. It's hard to have a bad day around Deanna. She is always seeking to do special things to brighten someone's day...and make them happy. She does so without expecting something back. When something bad happens...she chooses not to dwell on it...but lets it go and moves on to the next surprise that life has to offer. She rejoices in the beauty of every day and the blessings that it brings...if only you look at it with the right eyes.

I consider it a privilege to know both Dan and Deanna...they are exceptional people. Thank you Dennis for this helped me to see happiness in a more personal the people I know.

If you are not acquainted with Dennis...I encourage you to visit his website, listen to his radio show and read his articles. You will be challenged and grow in your thinking, reason and clarity.

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