Saturday, August 27, 2005


My friend Dan Horowitz sent the following response, via e-mail, about my early posting on Hugo Chavez:

"I was quite amused by the remarks of Pat Robertson coming from a man of god, I was a bit surprised. While I absolutely despise hugo chavez (not worth capitalizing his name), perhaps Pat's comments will mobilize the opposition in Venezuela. I have two good friends who live there and their lives are being ruined by chavez. If you do not support him or vote for him, you are unable to get a passport to leave the country. Both of my friends voted against him and now when they tried to renew their passports, they were told they cannot get one. So now they are stuck in the country with this tyrant."

"Perhaps since he is already paranoid, this will drive him over the edge. I don't really care what the Venezuelans think of our country, as to be honest, they are but a speck of dust on the map. The only importance they have is their oil. I'm sure chavez will continue to boast that his troops will defeat the USA in case of a invasion. (Perhaps if we only sent two Marines, his army might have a chance to defeat us.) But since that is not going to happen, he will continue his slide towards fidel castro and ruin the lives of the citizens of Venezuela."

To Dan's comments...I must say I second them. Chavez is a tyrant...and must be disposed. He is slip sliding his way towards Communism and totalitarianism. He is evil and wicked...and must be removed from power. Amen, preach it brother!

Unlike the Hollywood left who are enchanted with the likes Castro...I have nothing but distain for him and look forward to that day I wake up to the news that he is dead. Like Dennis Prager frequently points out the left goes around singing the praises of Castro and saying that in Cuba there is a 100% literacy rate. But what they leave out is that they are not free to read what they want. Better to be uneducated, illiterate and free. You can get educated and become literate...but the freedom thing is a little harder to achieve...just ask a few Iraqi's.

I hate all bullies...and think they need to be opposed and removed from power...from the school yard to those running a country.

While I agree with Dan's comments and even understand Pat Robertson's comments, I'm looking at them from standpoint of coming from a Christian leader. I'm not setting myself up as a paragon of virtue...goodness knows I've said worse about leaders whom I oppose. Yet...I also know there is a bigger picture than this world. As a Christian leader Pat is called to a higher standard.

Thank you Dan for your perspective. Dan, for as long as I've known him has been a passionate conservative...and speaks the truth. I love that and respect that about Dan. In a world filled with people being politically correct or burring their head the is refreshing to have the truth spoken so clearly. I always remember Dan describing himself as "being to the right of Attila the Hun". I've adopted that description too.

Dan just recently had a couple of job interviews...and is waiting to hear back. He is an excellent investigator...and I'm selfishly hoping he get the job based in California. It's been too many years since I've seen Dan or talked to him. Please join me in lifting Dan in prayer as waits to hear back about his recent job interviews.

Thanks Daniel...please feel free to comment any time. I greatly respect your very conservative and proud American and Jewish perspective. need to get back to California...into Prager territory. We need more good conservatives in this very liberal state.

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