Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Alzheimer's...The Winding Road - Monster Horses

When I saw Gayle yesterday...she was very alert..bright and chipper. She was having a very good day. By time I got there she had finished her lunch. More often than not...she's playing with her food, pushing it around on the plate or taking a bite...and playing chipmunk by hiding it in her cheek.

Jennie...one of the nurses said that earlier that morning Gayle had been crying because she thought I hadn't been to see her in a long time. But when I questioned her...she recalled I had been there the past Sunday.

We did our usual movie watching. I put on the movie Jaws...a really good movie for summer time...and especially around the 4th of July. When I showed Gayle the DVD cover...I asked her what the picture was of. She wasn't sure...but kept referring to it a horse...the monster in the ocean that eats people. Just the thought of that...the image that comes to mind...makes me laugh.

That's actually one of the positive things with Alzheimer's. If you are willing to loosen up a bit...it surely does have it humorous moments. Those moments to help to lighten the load a bit.

All in all...Gayle likes it at Brighten Gardens...and for the most part I think the staff likes her. Now she surely does have a mouth that can not be restrained...and comes out with some doosies. But compared to how difficult some of the other patients are...it's minor. Some of them are physically violent to the staff...when they are just trying to help them get up, clean up or go to the bathroom. I wouldn't have the patience to work with them.

By time the movie was over...Gayle was anxious to have me leave...and said, "Don't you want to go home now?". And indeed I did...and it was nice to know that I could leave without her it being an ordeal.

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