Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Bring Your Pets to Work Day

C.J. & Shauna

I'm ready to start a campaign..."Bring Your Pets to Work Day". We already have bring your son or daughter to work day, casual day and jeans day...but I think it's high time to bring our pets. I only say this somewhat in jest.

The above picture is of C.J. (black lab) and Shauna (yellow lab)...pets of my co-worker Robert. And no...I'm not jealous...well okay may just a bit. But I am certain that all would benefit by having these wonderful creatures nearby.

Just are on the phone with an unhappy customer whose giving you an earful...and your blood pressure just keeps on rising. You feel stressed and snap back at that customer...and the verbal exchange is escalated. Before you know it the boss is looking over the cube at you and wondering how he's going to tell a volatile person...we'd like to thank and excuse you from employment.

Now Take are on the phone with an unhappy customer...whose giving you an earful...and your blood pressure is starting to rise. C.J.'s napping over in the corner on his dog bed...and hears your voice. He wanders over and gives your hand a nudge...and licks you. You look down into those warm and beautiful eyes...and realize it ain't quit that bad after all. You relax...and really start to listen to that customer's complaint. You realize that may be a bit over the top and not exactly accurate...they do have a good point. So now you decide to do whatever it's going to take to make that customer happy and keep them as a customer. You hang up the call and feel darn good...knowing that you made a differece for good today. Time to take C.J. our for a walk...and you get to stretch your legs and get some much needed exercise.
A couple of weeks later your boss gets a letter from a customer extolling your virtues...and telling what an asset you are to the company. Before you know have that well deserved raise and corner office with a view. is good.

So what's your vote? I'm vote for Take Two.

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