Thursday, July 14, 2005

Best Part of My Day...Morning Walks

For over seven years now...I start out each morning with a walk. And I can truly's the best part of my day. Not that it goes downhill from there...but it's a lovely time.

By time I leave...I've been up for a while and feel awake and refreshed from my morning shower. I think one of the things I like best is how quite it is. A peaceful time while the rest of the world is still sleeping...or just waking up.

I really enjoy the different weather. No matter if it's sunshine...overcast...windy or even dark. Now rain on the other frowned up during my morning walk time. When we have those rainy spells here in So Cal...I easily slip into a stinky mood...if I miss my morning walk for more than a day or so.

In the winter and fall when I's dark out. Sometimes it makes me a wee bit nervous...but now I have a cell phone...and forewarn the guys at work...that if I don't come in and don't please worry and check it out. I figure the dirt bags and those who are criminally inclined are sleeping after a night out and doing what they ought not. Besides that...I'm a mean son of a gun...and have adopted Clint Eastwood's line, "Go ahead, make my day".

You kind of get to know the folks in the neighborhood. Both those you see regularly...and even those you don't see. It almost feels like friends...and I enjoy chatting along with way or just saying, "hi". I think my favorite thing though is seeing the different animals. The dogs that are being walked by their owners every morning...and the kitties resting up after a night on the it when they come up and let me pet them. I love seeing the my favorite Blue Jay and Cranes from the nearby riverbed and even a Hawk on occasion.

It's neat and even reassuring seeing changes to the houses during the different seasons...and over the years. Positively amazing to see how quickly the houses sell. I have my favorite yards...and you can really tell the folks that love gardening. Not only do you see them out there, working in their yards...but you also see the fruits of their labor...which is a gift for all passing by.

Each morning I listen to my IPod...usually consisting of the Dennis Prager show downloaded from the day before. (Been a subscriber for about a year and a half...and highly recommend it. No commercials...just the good stuff.) One day a's the radio show from Stand to Reason...also downloaded on my IPod.

So not only are my senses stimulated by the sights and feel of the weather...but my mind is challenged as well. If I haven't already thought of it by time I leave for my walk...I will remember the event of September 11th...especially when I see a jet flying overhead. As painful as it is...I am grateful to changed me for the better.

I love my morning walks...they are a true gift from God. On the National Day of Prayer...I like to do a prayer walk. Instead of listening to my IPod...I will pray for our nation and it's leaders among other things. My morning walk is a time to see God's handy work in the world He's created.

I am very thankful to God...for these walks. My good health that permits me to walk each day, the safe neighborhood, the beauty I get to experience each day...and the mental stimulation. It's lovely time. Hope you can do something similar.

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