Sunday, July 24, 2005

More Than We Can Ask or Imagine

Today was another amazing see God's powerful, mighty handiwork and an answer to our prayers. My beloved Pastor, Chuck Obremski was at church and preached a powerful, challenging and convicting sermon. To know how miraculous this need to be acquainted with what Chuck has been through in his battle with cancer.

Following a powerful chemo the prior week and a lowered immune system...Chuck spent this last week in the hospital. During this time...he received 10 units of blood, platelets, neuprogen and antibiotics in an effort to build up his immune system. He was discharged at 6:00 PM last night...and was at church, in the pulpit this morning.

Through this all, Chuck's desire was to preach on Sunday. Following our service today...Chuck was headed over to the ballpark for Baseball Chapel. Obviously...not something achievable in human strength or power.

We continue to pray for God's hand to be upon Chuck...for healing, wholeness, strength, peace and wisdom. We thank God for his amazing and powerful answer to our prayers.
Who immeasurably answered our prayers, for more than what we could ask or imagine.

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