Thursday, July 07, 2005

Mr. President...Hold the Line!

The time is fast approaching when President Bush will be naming a nominee to replace Justice Sandra Day O'Connor on the Supreme Court. Also a good chance that Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist will be announcing his retirement shortly.

With this in mind...I was perturbed when I heard the President Bush tell conservative Republican supporters to hush and "tone down the heated rhetoric" about potential judicial nominees.

Mr. President I respect you greatly. I supported your campaign, I gave money and I voted for you because I have confidence in you and your values. While what you do as President is of great and lasting some respects it pales in comparison to the impact you will make on our country with the appointments you make to the Supreme Court. We were motivated to go out and battle and win the election in large part because the nominations that will be made to the Supreme Court. That's why we won!

So now is not the time to be quiet. Now it the time to speak out...not only to you, but to our Senators and Representatives, the main stream media...and the American public. We need to make know what type of judicial appointment we want and why.

If by rhetoric you mean name calling and loud, ineffective, exaggerated dialogue...I agree. But it is necessary that we put together an intelligent and persuasive argument to combat the lies and pressure that will come from the left and their mouthpiece, the main stream media.

Mr. President...what we want is for you to keep your campaign promises. To appoint a person, based on the education, experience and a track record, that has demonstrated they will make judicial decisions based on the Constitution.

We don't want another Justice who thinks the Constitution is a living, breathing, changing document. One that says we should take in account world opinion...and what is right today may change depending on society and how it changes tomorrow.

Instead we want a Justice who is rooted and grounded in the Constitution. One that doesn't read rights into the Constitution that aren't there. One that respects States rights...and the rights of individuals...when it's not otherwise addressed in the Constitution.

In other words...Mr. President...we want you to fulfill your campaign promise to nominate someone who is a constitutional the mode of a Scalia or Thomas.

You can be certain that you will be vilified in the press...but that's when you need to take the case to the American public. Ask them to contact their Senators and Representatives and let it be known what they want.

The battle will be ugly Mr. President. I am confident of that...because I've already seen an unrestrained Senate unable and unwilling to put forth a balanced rational argument and then vote.

So gear up and get ready for battle Mr. President. Please know that the American public who hold conservative values stand with you and will back you. But that also means that you must not back down and not give an inch.

Hold the line!

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