Saturday, July 23, 2005

Soft Racism...Leaves One Speechless

On Thursday's Dennis Prager show on July 21, 2005, there was a call from a gentleman, Brian in Los Angeles. This call was truly unforgettable.

Brian so eloquently and passionately expressed his anger and frustration towards white liberals that patronize black youth through their own beliefs that amounts to nothing more than racism. I believe that George Bush uses the phrase , "the soft racism of low expectations".

Brian...God bless you! You have put into words, better than any I've heard why this practice is wrong and ultimately hurts black people, whom the white liberals claim they what to help. Brian your words brought tears to my eyes...and your words will remain with me.

I transcribed Brian's call because it was so compelling and his words so important...they must be heard and read by all. It's not my intent to offend anyone with some of the language from Brian's call...but to render accurately what he said.

Call to Dennis Prager’s show on July 21, 2005
2nd Hour - Caller Brian from Los Angeles

Brian, “Dennis I love you like a brother. But man you brought up a subject that has me so heated and pissed off right now, I’ll try to watch my language. I am black and I can’t stand white liberals because this foolishness is a form of holding us down.”

“I hire people Dennis. I hire people. I discriminate; I have to be discriminating about who I present before my customers. I work in the inner city and I do not hire black people that can’t talk. Did I say they have to speak the King’s English? No, but they have to be able to speak properly. Because my customers demand that. And these are other black customers. Now all this crap, all this talk from these while liberals, the talk about trying to accommodate us, it’s like they think we can’t do any better than that. Like we have to cater to them because they don’t have the mental capacity to talk any better. They are just a bunch of “jungle bunnies”. That’s what I see and I hate that crap and I want them to stop shoving it down our throats.”

Dennis, “I love you Brian. I love you. I do and I mean it sincerely. We are brothers in that sense. Absolutely! The notion that the white liberal is the black man’s friend is so untrue that I am speechless that it is so widely believed. Speechless!"

The second hour of the show discussed two absurd notions of educators. One in England is promoting the idea that there is no such thing as failure, but only deferred success. The second movement discussed was a new program in San Bernardino that proposes that black students should be communicated to in Ebonics.

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