Saturday, July 09, 2005

I Held the Hammer

On the eve of his 60th birthday...David Fisher at Pilgrim Scribblings posted the following. David...I wish you a very Happy Birthday...and pray that God will continue to use you mightily.

The other day I unearthed an old "gem" I had written a couple of years ago. It had been saved in some obscure location on my computer. I trust it will remind you of the great cost of our salvation.
Forgiven by Thomas Blackshear

I Held the Hammer

I held the hammer
He ransomed me;
I caused Him so much pain
He set me free.
I mocked His holy name,
He still loved me;
My sin had nailed Him there
On Calv'ry's tree.

Then one day by faith,
I saw Him there;
Bearing my sin and shame
My load of care.
His kind and loving glance
Had caught my eye;
It should have been me
Condemned to die.

He spoke so tenderly,
It pierced my soul;
Why did He care so much
To make me whole?
With tender, loving arms
He embraced me,
Gently He whispered soft...
"Son, come to me."

Grace so amazing
How sweet the sound!
The hammer that I held
Fell to the ground.
He took the nail from me,
Showed me His hand;
It was for you I died
Redemption's plan.

Love so amazing
How can it be!
That you my sovereign Lord
Would die for me.
That day I trusted Him
Gave Him my all
And now I follow Him
Heeding His call.

And now the question is...
What will you do?
When Jesus shed His blood,
It was for you.
Now as I bid farewell
My earnest plea?
Give Him your heart today
He'll set you free.

- David W. Fisher -

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