Sunday, July 03, 2005

Immeasurable Beauty

Chuck & Linda Obremski 7/3/05 Posted by Picasa

Immeasurable Beauty

My beloved Pastor
Washed in the Blood of the Lamb
Powerfully transformed
A walking, living, breathing sermon

Firsthand knowledge of the Power of God
The Word of God
The enabling power of the Holy Spirit dwelling within

Powerful love for his Lord and Savior
For his congregation
For a lost and dying world

Grateful for each day
Using the gifts from God
Selfless, Giving and Caring

Courageous sacrifice
Radically committed
Poured out like a drink offering

Outward beauty and strength that is fading away
Inward beauty, character and strength
Growing stronger and deeper day by day

Straight shooter
Steady aim
Sharp unwavering focus

Focused on his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the eternal rewards to come
Looking forward to hearing those words, “Well done good and faithful servant.”

By Susan Bunts - July 3, 2005

This poem is my attempt to capture, to put into words, what it's been like over the past few years...and each week to witness my beloved Pastor, Chuck Obremski as he is fully trusting in God and obedient to Him while immersed in desperate circumstances. My heart breaks as I see Chuck's physical health continue to decline. To a world focused solely on the outward appearance...they will not see the immeasurable beauty that I see as I behold Chuck. While his outward beauty fades, it is being replaced with inner beauty of his soul that can never be taken away. I covet your continued prayers for Chuck and Linda.

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David Warren Fisher said...

Thanks for all of your posts concerning Chuck and Linda. As you see, I usually take them and use them on my blog. Keep looking to Jesus, Susan!

In His love,


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