Saturday, September 17, 2005



From unimaginable,
To Lord, if that's Your will,
To please Lord, don't let him suffer.

Waiting for news,
Prayerful and silent,
Hearts and minds focused on St. Joe's 391.

A glimmer,
A flicker,
A hope passes by.

He's able,
Not willing,
We know not why.

We wait,
We pray,
We look to our Lord.

He strengthens,
He comforts,
And each step He guides.

No breath,
No word,
We bow before our Lord.

We surrender,
We are humbled,
All trust in our Lord.

By Susan Bunts 9/17/05

As we await word on our beloved Pastor, Chuck Obremski...I find throughout the mind, heart, thoughts and prayers are focused on Saint Joseph's Hospital and what God is doing there. Each e-mail that comes I tremble when I open it and read slowly to take it in.

I hold my breath, focus...and look to Jesus...and make a decision to trust Him in and through all things.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for putting words to my thoughts and prayers for Chuck.

susanwalkergirl said...

Thanks Betty...appreciate your comments. Trust me...each time I took pen to paper with a poem about Chuck or our was a gift from God to me.

It allowed me to put into words what I was thinking and feeling.

Recently a couple of ladies at church mentioned something about a friend in Indiana who was following Chuck's progress. Was that you they were referring to?

Thank you so much for visiting my site. Susan

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