Monday, June 20, 2005

Alzheimer's...The Winding Road

On today's visit with my mom...she was not very verbally expressive. She was making a lot of sounds when not napping but it was mostly confined to "hummm," "umhummm" and so on.

When I asked her specific questions about her name, about her parents and where she was born...she had the answers readily available. That surprised me...usually she struggles to say that info. Her normal counting as she walks to her room was replaced with "hummm's" as she touched the chair rail.

She slept a lot today. Didn't watch more than a couple of minutes of the movie I put on. of the Alzheimer's residents who shares my mom's table...expressed concern about Gayle. Mary said Gayle seems to be having problems lately. Mary is very observant...but Alzheimer's is robbing her of the ability to verbally state what she's thinking.

Overall Gayle was in a good mood...and for that I am thankful. She was very sleepy today...and I ended up slipping out late in the afternoon as she napped.

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