Saturday, June 25, 2005

Praise & Thanksgiving

I give praise and thanksgiving to my great God and Savior Jesus Christ...for the grace and mercy which he has extended to my friend Hugo. Hugo was hospitalized last weekend because his already weakened lungs were overwhelmed by pneumonia. While still in intensive care...Hugo has been stabilized and has shown some improvement. As soon as an opening becomes available at Cedars...they'll be transferring Hugo there.

When a lung becomes available..Hugo will be able to have the much needed lung transplant that has been an answer to prayer.

I am grateful for your prayers on behalf Hugo and his wife Maria. I pray that God will comfort them and strengthen them each day. That His love will shine upon them and be witnessed by all. That God will go before them and work out the details for Hugo's upcoming operation. That he will give great skills and ability to the doctors...and enable Hugo's body to heal quickly. That He will uphold and sustain Maria and their family.

In the name of my Rock, my Good Shepherd, my Salvation...Jesus Christ my Lord...I humbly pray.

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