Monday, June 27, 2005

Sometimes God Says "No"

Today I received sad news that my friend Hugo passed away this weekend. It followed Hugo's heroic struggle to live..and much prayer uttered on his behalf. It was on the heals of some promising news that Hugo had been approved for a lung transplant. With the focus on a transplant...the news of Hugo's death was sudden.

Just last week I was talking with Dan...about Hugo's amazing will to live. I found it to be somewhat of a mystery and a great testament to life and love. Hugo endured so much suffering during the course of this illness. Many would have given up and died long ago. But Hugo sought life...and remained hopeful that God's healing hand might rest upon him. I am certain that Hugo's passion and hope for life was motivated by the love for his wife and family.

I do remember the first time I met Hugo...almost a year ago. While Hugo had worked for our company for many, many years...I had never met him. His name was well known as was his reputation...but this was my first time meeting him. Hugo was amazingly open about what he was going through...and as such invited me to share and speak freely with him. Even while so gravely ill...Hugo was caring and encouraging to everyone he encountered. He was disarmingly honest and would freely speak his mind.

Because of his openness I was able to share what had helped me during some difficult times especially with my mom's Alzheimer's...and that was the Word of God. Specifically my Pastor, Chuck Obremski's straightforward, no nonsense preaching. Hugo willingly accepted some CD's and...his hunger for the Word of God grew...and his love for God increased daily. He received a peace that passes all understanding...and knew with certainty that when that day came...and Jesus called him home...he would be there with his Lord and Savior.

So while I grieve at Hugo's loss especially for his wife, family and friends...I am greatly comforted to know that he is home...and eternally secure. I am comforted and relieved to know that he is no longer suffering.

I guess in some respects...I was very aware that Hugo might die before he received the transplant...or even during surgery or recovery. So to that degree...I wasn't shocked and overwhelmed. At the same...while aware of the risks Hugo was facing...I was grateful to God that he did answer our prayers and allow Hugo to be accepted in the transplant program. In some way...I think it was an affirming outward sign that God loved Hugo.

While the world seems a little bit colder these days...heaven seems more and more inviting. As people whom I love proceed me to heaven...I look forward to a reunion one day. That day, in which we will see clearly what God's plans were for our lives and why sometimes he says "No".

Hugo...I look forward to that day in which I will see you again. Be well my friend...and enjoy some time with Jesus.

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